BitMEX Review 2020: Complete Guide to The Exchange Is it Safe?

This site does not include all financial companies or all available financial offers. On top of its huge trading volumes and 24/7 high-frequency capabilities, BitMEX is best known for its ability to provide leverage at the click of a button. It should be noted that the platform’s CEO – Arthur Hayes, often makes appearances on mainstream media platforms such as Bloomberg and CNBC.

bitmex reviews

By far the most interesting feature is the huge 100x leverage offered by this exchange. This is actually the highest leverage offered by a mainstream exchange from the crypto world . So if bitmex decides they need cash, they manipulate the market in one direction, deactivate trading except for thir dedicated profit trading desk and crush you. BitMEX allows customers to select the leverage they desire via the Leverage Slider or edit it manually even while in a position.

BitMEX provides you perpetual contracts products, and you can only use Bitcoin to trade at BitMEX. It also provides anonymity from the order book; however you have to complete your KYC verification to place orders. BitMEX is one of the early movers in crypto trading market. It is located in Seychelles and has been up and running since 2014. BitMEX is a peer-to-peer platform that offers leverage trading.

Opening a BitMEX Account

The BitMEX trading engine operates in KDB+, which banks use to prevent their servers from hackers. BitMEX also runs bug bounty programs on platforms such as HackerOne. BitMEX offers maximum leverage of 100x on its Bitcoin/ USD perpetual contract. The leverage varies depending on the asset, and you can observe the optimum leverage on the ‘trade’ window.

We anticipate increased competition soon as Binance continues developing and launching new trading engine experiences and products to attract new customers. BitMEX exchange issues a settlement fee on leveraged contracts and perpetual swaps. According to former banking experts, this fee is mandatory based on recent crypto banking regulations.

bitmex reviews

This implementation is used in multi-sig withdrawals and validated with the Two Factor Authentication process. BitMEX offers a wide range of leveraged products for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, Tron, and Litecoin. However, it provides the lowest leverage on EOS and Bitcoin Cash. Users can trade the only cryptocurrency as collateral for leveraged trades. The role of the BitMEX insurance fund is critical in its success.

Pacific Financial Derivatives Demo Account

Once you have created your account, you will need to deposit funds into your account in order to trade. Once you have deposited funds into your account, you can start trading. The settlement time isn’t set in stone, but if you enter into a new futures contract with an expiration date of today. The settlement date (again, when it’s actually settled) is most likely going to be tomorrow or maybe even next week, depending on the market conditions prevailing at the time. BitMEX is a large, well-known, and trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It has over 200 employees and partnerships with renowned soccer brand AC Milan along with some other corporate partners.

Therefore, it’s essential that the company has taken the required security measurements. BitMex fees depend on the cryptocurrency that you are trading in and the type of the contract. The orders that it offers are; Limit order, Market order, Stop limit order, Stop Market order, Trailing Stop order, Profit Limit order, and Profit Market order.

bitmex reviews

The head of product has accomplished next to nothing in the past three years despite copy and pasting more swaps and futures contracts that has not resulted in any meaningful growth. The head of HR is silent on most issues and has provided no leadership to fix a toxic and misogynistic culture created by the cofounders and crypto bros in leadership roles . I could go on and on about what makes this a toxic place to work but save yourself the headache. It’s sad to see a company that once had so much potential in a perpetual downward spiral. BitMEX is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in the world.


With up to 100x leverage on some of these BitMEX contracts, the denominated Bitcoin helps traders speculate the future value quickly and precisely. BitMEX also integrates other trading products into the Futures Contracts. With leverage of 100x, traders need to put Bitcoin worth 1% of the initial trade amount. For a 10 Bitcoin contract worth $10,000, the leverage would be put up at $100 of the initial margin.

The exchange became most popular for its derivatives products – most notably its Bitcoin perpetual swaps, collateralized with Bitcoin and accompanied by up to 100x leverage. Speaking of the market price, it’s determined by buyers and sellers at the exchange. Also, BitMEX uses its market index, reflecting the combined average market price of Bistamp, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken exchanges. BitMEX offers a leverage slider to its users so they can easily choose their desired leverage and open a position.

It is easy to understand the view of the Accounts’ page as well as the Contract’ information. Although the UI appears to be essential, it has all of the features found on popular exchanges likeBybit. If you are eligible to register a BitMEX account and complete the verification process, you can easily deposit funds by selecting “Deposit” under the Account tab.

BitMEX is the only exchange right now in the market that provides 100x leverage. It means for every BTC you have, you can leverage up to 100x and trade as if you have 100 BTC in your pocket. Currently, BitMEX only supports deposit of BTC cryptocurrencies though you may see different indices. An act of borrowing additional money or cryptocurrency by leveraging the number of cryptocurrencies that you already own to buy additional cryptocurrencies. There has been a fair amount of confusion around theBitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to individual customer accounts, BitMEX also supports corporate accounts.

  • That is not everyone, and before you use it, you should make sure it is you.
  • Although, there is no real trading here, there is Bitcoin being deposited on the platform.
  • The advantage of BitMEX is the fact that you can use a leverage when purchasing contracts, which means you can make profits faster .
  • This offers a wide range of charting tool and is considered to be an improvement on many of the offering available from many of its competitors.

Your account will get blocked when you accidentally log in on your account from the United States. To unblock your account, you will have to send a lot of your personal information to proof you don’t actually live in bitmex review the the United States. Towards the bottom of the page, the customer will find their individualized trading history, which shows information such as open trades; closed positions; active orders; stops; and fills.

With Ethereum, the BitMEX trading exchange platform allows a perpetual contract with no expiry date and a futures contract with a one-month expiry. With BitMEX, you gain access to a demo version of the existing BitMEX trading platform so you can get hold of it before you begin live trading. This saves you from the risk of losing your cryptocurrencies.

Trading options at BitMEX

In 2020, BitMEX introduced identity verification for all users, marking the first step in the exchange’s new direction. First, there is the chance that it is a total scam and the owners are manipulating prices in order to trigger sell-offs. But also, there’s the fact that it is only really suitable for top traders who have lots of experience in this world. That is not everyone, and before you use it, you should make sure it is you.

In doing so, you can make an informed decision as to whether the platform is right your investment goals. Lost 1.5 BTC due to their platform not responding to trades when it was needed with no help given by their support team. Do not use this platform, use Deribit instead for perpetual BTC leverage trading. With leverage that goes up to 100x, you can purchase contracts with a lot more cryptocurrency than you’ve deposited on your account. But concerning reviews related to margin trading, it is no doubt BitMEX is the best in business.

The minimum amount is not fixed and varies from trade to trade. Since there are no account levels, your account is not subject to any trading limits. You’ll have full flexibility in trading and withdrawing your funds after completing your registration. However, if you activate the two-factor authentication feature and lose your authenticator device, you will need to submit identification documents to reset the code. Bitmex claims that withdrawals usually take only a few days.

Work at BitMEX? Share Your Experiences

During these periods, it’s actually possible that the insurance fund can be used up than it is built up. Assuming there is a fully liquid market, the bid/ask spread should be tighter than the maintenance margin. In this scenario, as long as healthy liquid markets persist, the insurance fund should continue its steady growth. Although the BitMEX platform is optimized for mobile, it only has an Android app . However, it is recommended that users use it on the desktop if possible. Once users have signed up to the platform, they should click on Trade, and all the trading instruments will be displayed beneath.

In traditional and cryptocurrency markets, unprecedented volatility creates a stir among traders. BitMEX aims to ease this chaos by offering support with this fund. Instead of trading currency directly, traders instead trade contracts, which can be significantly more volatile than more traditional trading. As such, the platform is very much designed for users that know what they are doing.

To prevent auto-deleveraging in your positions, BitMEX uses an insurance fund. BitMEX uses the funds to aggress unfiled liquidation orders before the auto-deleveraging system takes over the orders. If the underlying asset’s price moves in the other direction in inverse perpetual, then you suffer a higher loss due to the contract’s non-linear and inverse nature. BitMEX isolated margin puts only your initial margin at risk, as in the case of liquidations, it does not use any of your account balance. It can prevent extra losses by not putting your entire account balance at risk but cannot prevent liquidations.


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